Client Results

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$26 Per Lead For A Financial Advisor

Client Intro:

This financial advisor wanted to scale his business to new heights but gave us a minimal budget to play with. Here’s how we helped him scale even with the limitations he set

The Challenge:

To increase the number of B2C leads with winning audience selection & build creative assets for their ads.

The Results:

Within a short period of 2 weeks, we got a highly converting lookalike audience against all the rest at a cost per lead under the desired target of 73.58%.

1 out of 3 adsets worked well with the same set of audiences, winning all the 18 leads within 2 weeks.

New Wealth Management practice gets 100+ booked leads in first 3 months

Client Intro:
This financial advisor started his own practice and needed clients fast. Let us show you how we helped him do it!

The Challenge:
To get high-ticket wealth management leads without the help of any past data.

The Process:
To achieve the numbers we were looking for, we:

Built a new funnel from scratch.
Focused on cold audiences (due to a lack of past data).
Kickstarted a CBO campaign with at least 3 ad sets.
Started off with substantially large audiences, giving Facebook more room to optimize for the best results.
Continually tested multiple new creatives and ad copies designed to appeal to potential customers.
 Conducted 4 weeks of rigorous RFT testing.

The Results:

From 14th Oct 2020 to 11th Jan 2020, we:
Managed to reel in 106 leads.
Achieved a minimal Cost Per lead of $47, with a total ad spend of $5,017.

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