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Paid Search Marketing Agency Portland

Starting from $550 per month
Paid Search Marketing Agency for Small Business.


Launching or turbocharging your Google Ads doesn’t have to feel like navigating a maze. 

At Little Fox Agency, we’re not your run-of-the-mill Google Ads agency – we’re your growth partners with a bit of zing! 

Our Paid Growth System isn’t just another humdrum strategy; it’s your  ticket to ramping up those conversions and giving your pesky lead costs a run for their money. The end result? Picture this: a steady drumbeat of sales and an ROI that’ll make you do a happy dance. 

Paid Search Marketing Agency Portland

Little Fox Agency Stats

Years in Biz
1 %
Ave drop in conversion cost
1 %
Ave Increase in Conversions

Driving ROI and improving ROAS as a Paid Search Marketing Agency Portland

Hiring a Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland

or Doing it Yourself Can suck...

and here's why

Bogus Leads | Ineffective Campaigns | Wasted Budget | Low-Quality Leads | No Conversion Tracking | Lack of Time | Frustration with Technical Aspects | No Expertise in A/B Testing | Poor Communication with Agencies | Unrealistic Expectations | High Bounce Rates | Lack of Strategy

Don’t settle any longer

You’ve gone through the process of hiring an agency and paying for ads, or you’ve tried to manage Google Ads campaigns yourself, and then this happens…

You’ve poured time and money into Google Ads, only to find that your campaigns are underperforming.

Money is being wasted on strategies that simply don’t deliver, and the leads or clicks you’re generating aren’t converting into customers.

Plus, you have no clear insight into which strategies are working because of badly set up tracking.

Managing Google Ads yourself is  time-consuming. Balancing it with your other responsibilities can feel like an impossible feat.

Techie bits like setting up tracking and running A/B tests can all seem too hard.

It’s a common story…You’ve been let down by agencies in the past. Poor communication, and unrealistic promises have left a bitter taste in your mouth.

 So you’re left with landing pages that don’t drive sales and campaigns that burn cash.

It’s time to change!

You need a Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland that understands your frustrations and designed it's services to tackle them head on.

A 15 min Call is all it takes.
We can do a live audit of your
campaigns and landing pages.

A Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland With A System That Works...

1. Goals & Strategy

We set goals and plan your strategy. We know our competition and yours won’t take the time to do this.

2. Keyword Research

We find low cost, high buying intent words that real people are using to search for your product or service

3. Writing & Design

Expert copy writers and designers create your ads. Most campaigns need a landing page and we’ll design and launch that as well. 

4. Targeting

The options to selectively show your ads to your best customer types has increased recently. We make sure your ads are showing to the right people. 

5. Constant Optimization

We use our 54 point google ads optimization checklist to constantly improve the ROI of your campaigns. 

6. Tracking

Tight and right tracking of your conversaions means we can seer your campaigns and report that important ROI.

7. Landing Page Optimization

Not just the ads but the pages that do the converting are important. We match the promises in the ads to the experience on page

8. Budget Management

Not only keeping to budget but we provide forecast analysis to help decide where to cut losses and where to double down for results.

9. Remarketing / Retargeting

The average new customer has to see your brand 7 times before buying. We run retargeting campaigns to have those new customer know, trust and then love to buy from you.

Forget overpaying for rubbish Campaigns that eat up all your time and patience... and money

Convert clicks into conversions. Get sales and leads from the Google network that accesses 93% of the worlds population.

All you need is the right Google Ads Agency with a proven system. And rock solid execution. 

be seen first when people search on google

No matter your business or service, Google Ads allows you to get in front of people searching for businesses like yours. The best part you only pay for results like clicks or phone calls.

show up at the right time

Google uses advanced A.I (artificial intelligence) that takes into account millions of signals and only shows your ads at the right time, to the right person increasing your chances of turning them into a valuable customer.

Google Ads Agency google ads

Our Clients love our Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland

Flexible Contracts

We don't lock you in. Make as much commitment as you are comfortable with. We do reward trust in us with heavy discounts however. 

Less Meetings More Results

You don't want another meeting on your calendar... do you? We don't mince words. We set goals with you and use video to update you on the results that matter not clicks. Our clients prefer our personalised video updates. As long as we're hitting or exceeding goals we're all happy.

Return On Ad Spend

It's about getting out more than you put in.The more you know and appreciate what we do the better customer you will be for us. And the smoother your campaigns will run... and the more return on ad investment you'll get. So we welcome questions and try to educate our customers to better execute their business strategy through Google Ads. 

We got leads on the first day! Worth every cent.



set a Google Ads Agency budget that works for you

Google Ads works with virtually any budget.

Simply choose a monthly budget cap and you’ll never go over it, the best part is you can pause or stop the campaigns at any time.


Google ads monthly budget
Grow with A Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland That makes It Easy For You

One Call Could Save You Hundreds of Wasted Hours And Thousands in Sunk Ad Spend

Google Ad Agency Offer Sticker

Book a call and get our team to Maximise Sales or Leads for your Business using Google Ads

Only Accepting 4 clients per week
Clients accepted this week so far

Make the deal even better


SWOT Report

A detailed report on your top competitors, including insights into their Google Ads strategies, ad copy, and keywords. This competitive intelligence can identify opportunities to outperform your rivals.

Make the deal even Better


landing page build

Design and develop a custom landing page optimized for conversions. This unique landing page will complement your Google Ads campaigns. It will help reduce your ads costs, boost your click-through and pump up your conversion rates.

How Much Will You Save?

Here's What we do and what other agencies would charge

Save by using our Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland

Strategic Plan & Competitor Scan

Keyword Research

Ad Copy Writing landing page

Campaign structure build

ongoing optimization

We are the only agency that......

Has a 54 point ongoing AdWords optimization process.
Our process means we can guarantee longer term performance increases for our clients. We do the hard work so you get the results.

You'd normally pay

$ 2,500 out of pocket every month

This is the average price we found in our competitor research.

 I’ve been in agencies where twice and three times these amounts were charged. 

And I just don’t think it’s right. I can do it more efficiently and pass the savings on to you

Our Pricing

Pricing starts for an ad spend of up to $1,500/mo.
includes Google Ads, Google Search Network and Performance max campaigns

Month one

Start Up
$ 825 one time

month two+

$ 550 Monthly

It is all part of our mission to bring reliable, pragmatic, effective and affordable Paid Search Marketing Agency  Services to Portland business owners

Google Ads Agency Results 🧲

Examples of results from real campaigns run by our Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland 

Local digital marketing services results

Don't Miss Out Strictly Limited Intake Quota

Our system works for almost any service including:

Auto Detailing and Repair | Financial Planners | Cleaning Services | Concreters | Criminal Attorneys | Med Spas | Chiropractors | Home Builders | Dog Trainers | Music Schools | Funeral Homes | Roofers | Pool Builders | HVAC & AC Repair | Catering | Landscaping | Wedding Planners | Party Rentals | Electricians | Plumbers | Tax Accountants | Window Replacement | Towing | Gutter Cleaning | Expert Witnesses | Mortgage Brokers | and so many more…

Limit to 4 new clients per intake

Don't miss your chance to -

Grab the Competitor Analysis and Landing Page Build Bobuses

Have your ads created by a 9 year plus professional

Get our 54 point optimization process done for you to guarantee long tern success

and the best part - We Guarantee to

Improve Your Cost Per Conversion

If we don’t improve your cost per conversion within 60 days 
then you get your money back PLUS $500

Chris was able to work with my budget and provided me with updates on a regular basis. His work output is remarkable. I have referred him to several family members and friends. I will continue to work with Chris because I know he is the best person for me and my business. Hire Chris today!

Dr. Jennifer


A Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland
that Turns Clicks into Customers

Remember, to claim the bonuses and your money back guarantee... you have to act now...

Act now and avoid missing out on joining the best Paid Search Marketing Agency. For service and results

Don’t settle for a mediocre and costly Google Ads Agency.

We are the only ones that take the real pain (that no one talks about) out of Google advertising…

And that’s dealing with the constant upkeep and monitoring your competition.    

Once you finaly get those ads up or pay for an agency to run them for you it’s just the beginning.

There are literally 54 points that should be checked every 3 days to monthly to keep campaigns running profitably.

That’s were Little Fox Agency comes in…

First we want to stop you getting robbed by expensive fees for ads management to generate those sales and leads.

Then we take the pain of Google ads campaign management off your hands.

And if you take advantage of our bonuses you get a high converting landing page AND you get an indepth analysis of your competitors…. maybe they have an offer that you could use to skyrocket your business?

All of that we can get set up within about a week (good design takes a little time).

So that we aren’t running ads and creating competition between our own clients we are only able to accept one client per niche  and/or per geographical region if they are a bricks and mortor business.

Usually a region is between a 20 and 50 mile radius.

So if this sound interesting then click the button  and grab a time to chat through it with one of our experts. 

Lead qualification service with live transfer

Questions I get frequently

Most frequent questions and answers

Google Ads is a quick and easy way to get your business in front of users looking for your product or services. The best part of Google Ads is once your ads have been created, showing your business on Google is almost immediate. The most common feature of Google Ads is Search Ads — these are ads that show up when a user searches across However, there are plenty of other placements they offer including display ads, YouTube ads, Discovery ads plus many more.

Google Ads charges their advertising in a variety of ways depending on the type of campaign you’re planning on running. The most common type is paying-per-click (also known as PPC). This option is available across Google Search and you only get charged once a user clicks your ad. This option is great as you don’t get charged if a user sees your ad, think of it as free advertising.

Other placements across Google have the option to charge per 1000 impressions (cost / CPM) while others will charge you per. Conversion or sale. These other options depend on the type of placement you choose when you create your campaigns.

But you cam here asking for dollars didn’t you?
A solid minimum budget for local services should be $1,500 this will giive enough data to made real inroads and adjustments.

However if budget is limited I have managed to get a new business going on closing its first clients on as little as $300 as spend in a month. 

Google Ads is super flexible when it comes to targeting. You have the option to target a radius around your area of service or even by suburb, post-code, country and even worldwide. This control means you have full flexibility of where your ads show saving you money and time.

Google Ads allows you to set budgets so you can control your daily spend to what you’re willing to pay. As you only pay when a user clicks on your ad (pay-per-click) There may be days when you won’t spend your allocated budgets.

This isn’t a bad thing, it just means there was a lack of search volume for your targeted terms. Keep in mind, if you don’t spend your daily budget you won’t get charged

We take clinet satisfaction seriously

What people say about our Paid Search Marketing Agency in Portland

I know everyone says it (or they should) but we understand that if you aren’t getting the result you need out of your marketing then you’ll just stop doing it. So we focus on getting those sales and quality leads for you. 


The brand-new FREE report reveals the most powerful new way to
reduce your cost to acquire a new customer and
skyrocket your return on marketing spend locally…
online advertising for local business customers will never be the same.