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Are you sick and tired of throwing money into the Facebook slot machine and getting nothing,
but low clickthrough rates, garbage conversion rates a big fat middle finger from the platform out of it?

In this Free, No BS, No Upsell, Highly Actionable Guide you’re going to discover:

  • The Well-Kept Secret Of Pinpointing Your Ideal Customer (not even 997$ guru courses talk about this)
  • How To Create Attention-Grabbing, Scroll-Stopping Creative (the most crucial part of a Facebook ad and one so many get wrong)
  • How To Write High-Converting Copy That Makes Your Customer’s Do What You Want

This 20-page guide is filled to the brim with value-packed, actionable content

Distilled from my 14 years of digital advertising experience.

You can apply the tips and tricks in it in your FB Business Manager the moment you close the document, and start running highly profitable ads TODAY. (No, I’m not exaggerating.)

No fancy tools, no affiliate links, I’ve got NOTHING to upsell you on.

One of the most common problems I see with struggling businesses is that they don’t know how to utilize the most potent advertising network in the world: Facebook.

In the last 4 years, more gurus and 18-year old kids popped up in my feed (and probably yours too) trying to sling 997$ courses that offer little to no value and leave the poor customer to fend for himself.

These courses also don’t talk about essential principles that make a world of difference for those struggling to advertise their products or services effectively on Facebook.

I’m Chris O’Brien, the owner of Little Fox...

a boutique marketing agency offering creative content and full ads management across the digital realm for small business.

I’ve been in the digital advertising space since 2006, roughly the time Facebook as a platform took off, and been in the industry ever since.

I moved on to become a product manager for a national pharma tech start-up...capturing 50% market share in record time.

Another highlight of my career was when I was portfolio managing for Australia’s largest and most prestigious marketing agency.

Unlike most gurus, I didn’t learn advertising yesterday and threw up a course today.

In fact, I’ve got no course to sell you on, and I don’t plan to do so anytime soon.

“Okay, so what’s the catch?” you may ask.

The catch is that there is no catch.

All I hope to get out of you downloading my 20-page, actionable Facebook Advertising Bible is that you’ll find it valuable and applying what you’ve discovered, you’re going to grow your business.

I do want to give you an option though: if you found the Facebook Bible valuable, but don’t have time to apply it, or you’d prefer to have an expert manage your ads, then me and my agency are ready to help.

If not, no worries, unlike my ex, I promise I’m going to get over it!

Download my Facebook Advertising Bible now and turn your business, with profitable Facebook Ads into a lean, mean Profit-Machine!

Wishing you all the best regardless if you take action or don’t,

Chris O'Brien