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Lead Generation Agency for Med Spas in Atlanta

We help Med Spas Generate,
Call and Follow Up With Leads
In Real-Time in Atlanta. 

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Driving Lead Generation for Med Spas in Atlanta

Lead Generation and

marketing agencies suck...

and here's why

The Leads Suck | No-Shows | Bogus Leads

Don’t settle for this any longer

You’ve gone through the process of hiring an agency and paying for ads and then this happens…

The lead quality is disappointing.
No one is following up or calling the leads for you. 

Your staff doesn’t have the time to deal with leads nor are they marketing or sales experts.

No one is re-calling or re-targeting these prospects.

You try to do marketing yourslef and that lasts about 2 days til you realise you have a business to run.

You rinse and repeat, and run through the hampster wheel and never quite getting where you need to be…

You need Hot In-Market Leads and the Proper Team to Acquire them for you

Get Us Exclusively Before Your Competition in Atlanta Does

Proven Formula For Med Spa Lead Generation... That Works

We attract people eager to buy your offers right now.

We get them through channels your competition can’t trace. 

Our team will contact the leads for you via phone, text and email.

We follow up until we get them on the phone.

We qualify their ability and eagerness to buy and  ability to make it to your location (we can do more if you like) on the phone.

THEN we transfer them live on the phone to you to finish the close and book their treatments.

With Lead Generation, timing and speed are of the essence  we can INSTANTLY follow up book them.

 Speed is everything.
Just look at the drop off of interest. Is your advertiser getting you leads during business hours and getting them to you instantly?



Forget overpaying for rubbish leads that eat up all your time and patience

Get your phone ringing with eager med spa clients. All you need is a proper lead generation agency team for med spas in Atlanta with a proven system we can implement fast

Our Med Spa Clients love our Lead generation service

real-Time Leads

With Lead Generation, timing and speed are of the essence. So when we get the inquiry, you, our team and the prospect will receive a live text and email simultaneously to know as it's happening so we can INSTANTLY book them in for a consultation. Speed is everything

Only Talk To 'Ready to Buy' Leads

Our lead generation agency in Jersey City uses a process whereby leads are converted into ‘ready to talk’ prospects. All you have to do is carry the conversation with the leads we transfer. They are delivered directly to your team already on the phone call and are ‘ready to buy’.

Predictable Growth

Our proven lead generation strategies generate direct leads and sales for your business. We’ve done it time and time again. We do a bunch behind the scenes to make sure your get what counts.... a steady, predictable stream of ready to buy leads on the phone.

We got leads on the first day! Worth every cent.



Grow Predictably with Lead Generation Handled by an expert agency

One Call Could Save You Thousands In Wasted Hours Generating and Following Up With Leads

Book a call and get our team to generate warm leads, follow up via sms, email and on the phone, then qualify those leads and transfer them live on the phone to your front desk ready to book.

For a limited number of clients we are offering a great deal. Spots are limited and we can only accept one client in any one geography -

If you are seeing this page then this location has an open spot.

Make the deal even better

Pay upfront and save

save 22% today

Get a 22% discount by paying 4 months in advance.

How Much Will You Save?

To create a sales and marketing team to do all of this for you it would normally require.

Average savings by using our MedSpa Lead Generation Service

Ad Management

$3,000 /m

Email Follow Up

$1,500 /m

SMS Follow Up

$1,500 /m

Lead Vetting

$1,000 /m

Live Transfers


We are the only agency that......

We will generate, call, and follow up with your leads and then only transfer the best and ready to buy ones to your phone.

You'd normally pay

$ 10,000 out of pocket every month

These are the average prices we found in our competitor research for these services. I’ve been in agencies where twice and three times these amounts were charged. And I just don’t think it’s right. I can do it more efficiently and pass the savings on to you

Our Pricing

Get Everything for One remarkable price


$ 950 Per Month

Save $800

4 Month Block
$ 750 Per Month (paid upfront)
22% off

It is all part of our mission to bring reliable, pragmatic, effective and affordable Lead Generation Services to Atlanta Med Spas owners

Don't Miss Out One Per Area Strictly Limited

We Accept One Client Per City 

Our system works for almost any service including:

Microblading | CoolSculpting | Laser Therapy | Hair Removal | Laser Therapy | Micro Needling | Cryo Therapy | Botox | Filler | Micropigmentation

Strictly limited to one per geography

Don't miss your chance to -

Fully hands off your lead generation

Only deal with ready to buy prospects

Grab this insane deal before your local competition does

and the best part - We Guarantee to have you

Up & Running In Under 72 hrs

If we don’t have your campaign live and running within 72 hours from signing up 
then you’ll get your first month absolutely free

Our sales have doubled since working with Little Fox Agency



Make Your Phone Ring Hot With Real Customers ready to pay

Remember, strictly limited to one client in Atlanta

Act now and avoid missing out on new med spa leads
in Atlanta. Get in before your competitors.

Don’t settle for a mediocre and costly lead generation agency service for your Med Spa.

We are the only ones that take the real pain (that no one talks about) out of lead generation advertising…

And that’s dealing with the leads.    

Once those people put their hand up you normally have to get in contact and filter out the tyre kickers…. which takes considerable time…

And that’s a task normally done by your reception staff who aren’t sales professionals and they shouldn’t have to be.

That’s were Little Fox Agency comes in…

First we want to stop you getting robbed by expensive fees for ads management to generate those leads…

Then we take the pain of follow up and qualification off you hands.

Then we literally call them up and get them on the phone and confirm they are keen to take up your offer…

If they are ready and capable of buying we transfer the phone call to your staff to book in and close the client.

All of that we can get set up within 72 hours.

So that we aren’t running ads and creating competition between our own clients we are only able to accept one client per geographical region. Usually a region is between a 20 and 50 mile radius.

So if this sound interesting then click the button below and grab a time to chat through it with one of our experts.