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Google Ads Management for Financial Advisors

How to generate leads from Google Ads

87% of american start looking on google for a Financial Advisors

Dominate page one with a google ads campaign

Crush your competition. Rake in the sales. Say goodbye to poor performing ads, high CPCs and unqualified leads.   

 Get industry dominance with an optimised Google Ads campaign.

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If you're Not On Google You're not anywhere

What is Google Ads?


Google Adwords is a powerful way to get customers in the door, and fast. SEO is great for long-term wins, but Adwords gets you faster, high-converting results.

Google ads show up at the very top of the page when your customers search. It is the fastest way to get in front of people with intent to buy.

powerful Intent targeting

How? The secret is in audience targeting. Adwords lets you get in front of the right people at the right time – that is, when they are looking to buy. That’s where the real ROI is.

Campaigns that can scale

Google Ads is highly scalable. Say you create a new campaign that’s converting like crazy. By increasing your PPC budget, you’ll see your leads and profits increase too for your business. Another unique benefit of Google Adwords is that you can test to see what works, and use your learnings across your digital marketing strategy.

Turbocharge your ROI

PPC is a fantastic tactic for new businesses, or if you’re launching a new product. You don’t have to wait long to see results (especially compared to SEO). If you see it works, you can scale up fast to turbocharge your ROI. And you can quickly see which keywords or audiences are worth pursuing SEO and other digital campaigns.

Buying Intent

People searching for a search engine have buying intent. This means they tend to be in the market for the keywords they are searching for. For example, if someone searches “financial planner Temecula", they are probably looking to book an appointment in Temecula soon.

The Finisher

We’re not saying you should use PPC and nothing else. Our experience shows that PPC is at its most powerful when used as part of a great digital marketing strategy. To unleash the true revenue-shifting benefits of Adwords as part of your online advertising give us a call.

Pinpoint your audience

Because you can set the location you want your ad to show for, you can ensure only people in that spot see your ad (in this case, Temecula). In fact, you can narrow your audience by time of day, language, device type and more in your account. This is what makes Adwords so successful.

Only Pay Per Click

Here’s the kicker: you only pay when people click on your ad. Compare this to other ads (in digital media, for example) which cost the same price no matter whether or not anybody sees or acts on your ad. Adwords is nothing short of genius for your business.

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Little Fox Agency

Little Fox Agency has been providing Google Ads lead generation campaigns since 2016. Our founder has been generating leads for small, medium and enterprise businesses since 2014.

The financial advisory sector is a passion and we’ve been very successful with our current and past clients. 

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Tailor-Made Google Ads to Rule Page One

Make the most of your ad budget.

Sit back and watch the volume of customers to your website surge. Watch the leads come in. Watch the sales and revenue tick over. Yes, it’s all possible with a well managed Google Ads (aka Adwords) campaign.

But it’s got to be set up and executed correctly. Too many people come to us confused as to why their Google Ads just aren’t working. It’s so easy to be spending your ads budget without reaping the rewards. The right Google Ads expert can help your business cut through the competition by achieving top rankings on relevant search results. So you reach the right customers with the right messaging when they’re ready to click.

Let’s set one thing straight. Running Google Ads can be massively successful with the right strategy for your business, website, and goals. It takes expert knowledge of Google’s tools, tricks and analytics to devise a tight, high-performance Google Ads account that increases qualified lead volume, lowers your CPA, and shows ROI.

Do Google ads work for Financial Advisors?

Killer campaigns that target buyers, not browsers

Imagine instantly connecting with qualified clients while filtering out the ‘tyre kickers’. Sounds too good to be true right? Google Ads can do just that. With an in-depth understanding of how to exclusively target your ideal clients, our Foxes can make it happen for your business. You’ll get non-stop optimisation in your Google Ads account while you sleep. Constant monitoring of the metrics help us fine-tune our strategy in your account across the length of your campaign.

Worried about paying non-converting clicks? Our strategies help you “trim the fat”, cutting down on wasted ad spend and smashing out new client acquisition targets in record time. Armed with the knowledge of what your next best clients are searching for, we make sure you only pay for search terms that consistently result in good leads. Constantly optimising and retargeting so you come out on top. But our Google Ads (aka Google Adwords) management Little Foxes know keywords alone don’t equal a truly competition-crushing campaign. We understand how effective advertising messaging can speak directly to the emotional triggers that lead to purchase decisions. We know how your landing pages and web pages contribute to your overall quality score and conversion rates. So we create high conversion landing pages and enticing sales copy, boosting your quality score through a killer combo of keywords, messaging and geo-targeting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious? Here are some of the more common questions we hear from Financial advisors

Google Adwords is renowned for the phenomenal outcomes it delivers to businesses, new or established. 

Not only are AdWords highly visible and brilliant for brand exposure, but they also generate clicks like mad for your business..

But wait, there’s more. Around 2 in 3 people who are searching for financial services and are ready to take action will click on paid ads. Now, imagine you’ve targeted that ad precisely to the audience. That’s where genuine sales really start to soar.

People who land on your website from Google Adwords are 50% more likely to buy something or to become a client than those who click through organic search. Your brand can benefit too, with Google studies showing the right ads improve brand awareness by as much as 80%.

it takes expert knowledge of Google’s tools and analytics to create a tight, high-performance Adwords campaign that skyrockets sales, not just drive-by traffic. With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, as the name suggests, every click comes at a price. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimise the number of clicks that turn into sales.

The truth is, PPC isn’t something you can learn overnight and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know how to navigate. You need specialists in Adwords who can craft hyper-targeted campaigns that zero in on only those who are ready to buy, while weeding out the tire kickers. Don’t waste your valuable budget on non-converting clicks. If you want your campaign to work in your account, it needs to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant clicks.

The ultimate goal? Spend less and earn more. A lot more for your business.

PPC and SEO might be different in many ways, but when their powers combine, they can help you better achieve marketing outcomes. There are many ways in which the two tactics complement each other to achieve your goals: more qualified traffic, higher SERP visibility and a better return on investment.

The first thing to know is that PPC does not directly affect SEO in the traditional sense. If you’re thinking that you can spend a lot on Adwords and watch your organic results soar, that’s not the way it works. Or if you think that your competitor is ranking better organically because they are spending lots with Google, again that’s not true. Google’s Search Quality team does not let paid ads directly influence how they rank pages. Simple as that.

But SEO and PPC do work together to achieve amazing re. SEO is a slow-burn strategy. While it can take some time to see results with SEO, paid search is more immediate. So, you can use a PPC campaign to offset a slow start to an SEO campaign and get more qualified traffic through to your site.

That’s not all. A study by Google found that searchers who see a paid ad are more likely to click an organic listing. The reverse is true too – if searchers see a high ranking organic listing, they are more likely to click on the ad for the same brand. Google also found that SEO affects PPC. When a website has strong organic search results, it has a higher click-through rate for PPC ads on the same search engine page.

In short, there are definite advantages to having both SEO and PPC running in sync.

Another huge advantage? Data. Lots and lots of data. When you’re running PPC and SEO campaigns at the same time, you have more data to inform your digital marketing decisions. You can even use the results from your PPC campaign to inform your SEO strategies. Pay attention to ad copy or any particular keyword that’s performed particularly well, then use this to plan your keyword strategy and SEO-friendly content for even better engagement. You could combine the data sets to delve into your target audience and it could help refine your whole keyword and digital marketing strategy. The possibilities are endless in your account.

Confused? Don’t worry – the world of PPC and SEO can be complicated and overwhelming. OMG exists to make it simple and profitable for all our clients. Our Gurus know how to use SEO and PPC separately and together to smash your targets and the competition.

Here’s the situation: You know you need a new PPC campaign to drive leads and conversions. And because your team doesn’t have the time or expertise, you know that hiring an agency will help you make the most of every single dollar, rather than investing in campaigns that simply don’t deliver. There’s just one thing left to do: choose the right PPC agency.

What does the “right” PPC agency look like? Great PPC agencies have one thing in common: they will be there at your side as an extension of your team, help you make the most of your paid search campaigns and strive for the outcomes you want in business, month after month.

What should you look for in the right PPC agency?

Transparency is a key attribute to look for. This obviously isn’t something you can ask the agency, as they’ll just tell you what they think you want to hear. So, a better approach is to look for signs that they are transparent and honest. Find out how the agency will report on your account. You should be able to see leads, sales, CPC, CPA, and everything in between in your adwords account. Bonus points if the agency can give you the results in a way that is clear and consistent clearly shown in your adwords account. You want an agency that can show you the wood through the trees.

How will they communicate with you? Will you have regular meetings? Are they transparent about the methods they use, or are they unwilling to share? Be extremely wary of an agency that won’t let you have access to your own Adwords account. If they don’t want you to see the raw data in the account, they have something to hide.

Don’t underestimate the power of good working chemistry. You’re going to be working with each other for some time, so you need to actually like them and trust them. You want a new agency who will become part of your team and business. First impressions are always a good indicator, but don’t be afraid to talk to some previous clients too. At the end of the day, the right energy will always take the time to get to know you and create a new strategy that delivers the ROI you want.

It all comes down to your goals. We know that’s not the answer you were looking for. You’re probably after a nice and simple dollar figure that you can slot into your digital budget and present for approval. But the reality is that Adwords management costs vary based on your goals.

With PPC, as with many things in business, you have to spend money to make money. But rather than seeing PPC & Adwords management as an expense to your business, think about it as an investment. For every dollar spend in your account, focus on how much return you will get from that dollar. Naturally, the more dollars you invest in PPC, the higher the returns. But look at whether the returns are relative to the extra spend. If you double your budget, will it give you double the leads? Knowing your goals from the start will help you manage your PPC budget and get the results you want.

As a rule of thumb, the more you’re spending on Adwords, the more you’ll spend on Adwords management. Higher ad spends require more time to manage them effectively. If you’re spending $1,000 in your Adwords account, you wouldn’t expect to pay the same Adwords management fee as a client spending $10K or $20K.

Truth is, Adwords is more time-consuming than many people realise. It might be faster than organic SEO when it comes to delivering actual results, but it still requires a significant chunk of time to get right. For a profitable Adwords campaign in your account, you need a PPC ad with target copy.

The important thing is not to get caught up in the dollar figure. If you’re comparing Google Adword management fees, take some time to understand precisely what your fees include. When you look closely, you might notice that the cheap PPC management packages include less time on your google ads account. Not enough time means you’re more likely to be throwing money at campaigns that aren’t performing as well as they could, which means wasted budget.

If an agency spends less time managing google ads, they start looking for shortcuts to try and get by. They stop paying attention to the details, which can cost your business even more. Or, worse, they use tactics that go against Google’s ad management guidelines. But you won’t necessarily know this, because these types of agencies have all sorts of tricks and excuses to mask their low performance or lack of work. They’ll try to confuse you with jargon or fancy reports to keep you in the dark.

Sure, you have a budget and the price you pay matters, but what you should really be focusing on is the quality and experience of the agency you’re working with. An experienced agency with Google Partner certification and proven results is worth its weight in gold. Companies invest in their Adwords management services because they know exactly how to get your marketing to be revenue-busting.

Can you get cheaper Google ad management overseas? Absolutely. The rate can be as low as $10 to $25 per hour. But if you’re serious about your PPC and you want high returns, stay local. With overseas companies, you’ll be taking on a huge amount of risk too. Have you seen how many overseas companies there are offering PPC services and cheap prices to manage google ad? Imagine how long it will take to find one that offers professional quality services that you can trust.

This is where our free $2,000 audit will come in handy for you. See what’s involved in your campaign 

Different agencies have different options, but most commonly you’ll find one of two models. Either the agency will charge a flat fee based on your total advertising spend, or calculate their fee as a percentage of your total advertising spend.

Here at Little Fox Agency, we do a flat fee based on the size of spend, which includes all Facebook marketing services from ideation to implementation and optimisation AND for advanced clients we do a fee for performance structure, in which we have a retainer to cover expenses and then incremental cost per lead delivered. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be investing in your Facebook advertising strategies every month, and our Foxes will be able to get the best performance possible from your campaigns.

Keep in mind: we’re not the cheapest, and for good reason. See, the cheapest agency might sound good on paper, but it doesn’t mean that you’re getting the same value out of them. Let’s say you pay $1,000 a month with one agency and only generate one sale, whereas another agency gets you a 50:1 ROAS. The first is cheaper, sure — but the second one is making your Facebook Ads worth more in terms of sales. 

With Little Fox Agency, this is what you’ll get: insane value from your social media marketing. You’ll have access to a team of Foxes who are masters of Facebook Ads. You’ll get a Facebook lead generation strategy that is designed to make your calendar full of new clients, while catapulting your social media presence into the stratosphere. You’ll stand out with creative that puts you ahead of the competition. And most of all, you’ll get the knowledge that we’re constantly optimising your campaigns to build unique strategies that reap better rewards year on year.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are both insanely powerful platforms for growing reach, revenue and ROI online. However, the best one for your business will depend entirely on your budget, goals and audience.

Let’s start with Google. As the world’s biggest pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform, Google Ads allows you to put your website at the top of Google search results. And, given that billions of searches are carried out every single day, that’s a ton of potential website traffic to your business website. Google AdWords works on an auction model, where you bid to show up for specific keywords that your target market is using to look for your products and services. If you win the auction, your ad appears in search. 

Now let’s look at Facebook. With 2.6 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform — and Facebook Ads gives you the ability to put your brand in front of those users. Facebook Ads also works on an auction model; however, you’re not bidding for your own Facebook ads to appear for certain search terms. You’re bidding to appear in front of specific audiences based on their interests and behaviours.

Google’s advertising platform is extremely effective in the later stages of the buying journey. You can target only keywords that you know are likely to generate sales, and capture clicks from ready-to-buy customers. However, it does get costly if you’re building brand awareness or engaging in top-of-funnel activities. Facebook, on the other hand, is a great platform if you want to build a full-funnel campaign that builds awareness, drives clicks and delivers conversions.

At the end of the day, both platforms have the potential to skyrocket your sales — and the best campaigns often use Facebook and Google to achieve out-of-this-world results. Want to know how? Claim your free digital audit today, and we’ll help you kick awareness, leads and sales into overdrive with an integrated digital marketing campaign.

Our focus is on high-performance PPC campaigns with revenue-shifting results you can see. We’re talking serious returns on investment for over 1,000 clients of all types and sizes.

How can we deliver them through PPC?

Because we’ve been doing things differently from day one. When we started out, we could see that lots of PPC agencies were wasting their clients’ budgets and time. PPC takes dedication and hard work, but too many agencies out there aren’t giving clients account the commitment they deserve. We figured there’s got to be a better way of doing things.

That’s why our whole model is built on putting our client success as the number one priority. Your results, your growth, your happiness is what motivates us to bring our A game every day. 

Another thing you get when you’re working with Little Fox Agency? Absolute honesty. We won’t sugar coat our advice or conceal our methods. We are all about building real relationships built on honesty and trust. If something’s not working, we’ll tell you. Better yet, we’ll already be working on a way to turn it around. Because we make it our mission to continuously monitor and improve campaigns for the best possible outcome. After all, that’s the way PPC works: test, tweak, fine-tune and improve.

The important thing to know about OMG is that we’re here for the long game, not the short one. See us as an extension of your team in your business. Your partners. Our clients say this is what makes us the best Google Adwords agency and that’s why they would recommend us. We invest time and energy into our client relationships. Because we know that your success is our success.

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