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hi i'm chris

Yes… it’s not polite to just talk about yourself… I know.
BUT you’re on my ABOUT page… so if not here then where?

I’m a local business marketing and growth specialist. Little Fox Agency has grown out of my freelancing business. 

Honestly I could picked any type of customer to help with my 8+ years of marketing experience having worked in some of the most prestigious agencies around the world… but I picked local businesses.

Because I truely believe that helping strong local economies is the best way to build strong communities. 

One of my key strengths and differentiators is that I love to systematise EVERYTHING. What that means is that I have systems in place that can predictable create and optmize my client’s (and my own) marketing. 

Let’s be honest marketing ain’t rocket science. BUT it’s the discipline to do the work and do it right that will make the difference. 

Also I love learning and keeping ahead of the bigger firms with what we do (yes I’ve even systematised keeping up with trends and new developments) 

8+ Years

Playing the Digital Marketing game

50+ Niches

Experience in almost every local business industry


Revenue generated directly from campaigns I have run

100% Satisfaction

It's what I strive for. Which is why I offer guarantees on all my services

killing it

Yes I live in Australia. BUT my clients live all over. I keep very early hours (I’m up at 4am most days) so finding a time to meet across timezones is no trouble. 
PLUS my clients benefit from having a marketer that sees the trends across the world that can be applied for them locally. 

using all these platforms

*not an exhaustive list... there are more

fully certified

Long story short. I took a series or long boring exams to prove my experience in using the Google Ads platform. Basically it just means that I know what I’m doing 😎

Obviously it’s not required to run ads but I do it to ensure I always have the upperhand against the competition. 

google ads certification badge for chris obrien

my back story

I’m a digital marketer from Melbourne Australia specialising in lead and sales generation for local businesses.

I started many years ago as a pharmacist of all things. Now that’s about as local a business as you can get. I found that I loved the marketing side of running the business. 

I even started a couple of side hustles, before “side hustle” was a term, selling on eBay and even running one of the first online headphone stores.

About 10 years ago is when I got involved in the digital start-up scene with a medical technology firm. And then a start-up services marketplace. It was in these business that I truely found my love of digital marketing. The fact that I could take a business from zero customers to loads of revenue it felt like at the touch of a button was amazing to me.

I then moved to work at Australia’s largest digital agency managing campaigns and an entire portfolio. This was for a company that had 85K (85,000!… not a typo) plus customers.

As a result I’ve helped all types of businesses from  Roofers, Lawyers, Plumbers, Toy Shops, Mechanics, Construction, Doctors, Pharmacists, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Fencers, Restaurants, Hairdressers, Masseuses, Personal Trainers, Gyms, IT Support, Logistics companies and the list can go on and on.  

I remember the client that set me on my current path though. 

He was in trouble… he had just opened his AC repair business. He had just enough money to feed his family for a month. He needed clients immediately. The margin for error was tiny. So in this case it got rid of all the fancy shmancey strategy stuff…. he needed results and fast and at a great price. 

And I got it for him. I used Google Ads. That’s why it’s still my leading mechanism to jump start results for local businesses. Then the other platforms can be used to maximise the ROI on the leads and traffic. 

From then it has been freelancing, and now the Little Fox Agency where I focus on local businesses generating customers and sales and helping to max out the revenue by implementing attraction marketing and automations. 

If you’re looking for an agency that treats you like a person and wants to grow with you not just take your money and who will keep you ahead of your competition then you are in the right place. 

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Chris O’Brien