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1000 New Leads in 1 month with google ads

Client Intro:

This large well known financial firm wanted to scale.
The end of quarter was looming and targets needed to be met.
The client had existing blog posts that could be repurposed into valueable informative lead magnets. 
The client wanted to attract prospects into their email lead nurturing system. 

The Challenge:

The firm was running existing Facebook ads that were not performing well. 

Instead of adjusting the Facebook ads we used Google ads targeting to then retarget on Facebook to not only increase lead volume thorugh a new channel but also reduce costs on the existing channel.

We also had to work with compliance to build and host an ultra fast, and complaint landing page on which to capture the leads. 

The Results:

We brought in over 1000 leads in 4 weeks.

Across a variety of campaigns our highest landing page conversion rate was 8.45% which is well above industry average for cold audience Google ads campaigns.

The client anticipates to add approximately $60M AUM to their books in the next 6 months from this campaign alone. 


Example of our landing pages:

We Solve Real Problems

How Do You Want To Attract Clients?

Facebook Ads

Lead generation utilising the data power of Facebook and Instagram.

Local SEO

Get on the local radar and own local searches. Essential for long term growth.

Google Ads

Be on the top of the front page of Google for your ideal clients.

Google Maps

Get found on Google maps. "Financial planners near me" is how modern clients will find you.

Tik Tok Ads and Content

Huge growth and rapidly changing. Your clients are on TikTok now.

Content Writing

Quality American and Australian written content. Blogs, web pages and much more

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